Manila Folders

February 22, 2021


In 2018, Lawrence Greenwood composed the soundtrack for Nike SB Australia’s first full length video, Medley.

Chris Middlebrook, one of the editors of the video, described how he saw the video as “a mixed bag of people – different ages, styles, tricks, approaches” during an interview with Slam Skateboarding.

It then became an intentional decision to have the soundtrack serve as a medley of sorts. It allowed each song to be tailored to the skaters and still work together as a whole.

While I encourage you to watch the skate video, I’ve also included the album on its own below.

Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

All Right Now

I listened to this album a bunch last weekend. Now I need to dive into the rest of Brisa Roché’s music. A little punk. A little pop. Exactly what I needed. I’ve included a few music videos below too.

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