Manila Folders

November 15, 2020

Don’t Light My Fire

I wish there was more I could speak on here, but I can’t dance around the fact that I don’t know Japanese. I can say, however, that this song absolutely grips me by the collar and shakes me until I match its energy.

It’s great.

Like Hell Broke away

I originally stumbled across Lonnie Holley because his EP “National Freedom” (pictured below) puts to use Montecatini, a font designed at Louise Fili Ltd (where I work).

National Freedom by Lonnie Holley

Either I felt obligated to listen to the EP since a musician was putting to use one of our fonts or I simply have an uncontrollable impulse to listen to whatever comes my way, nevertheless, I ended up listening to the record.

I had no expectations going in, but once I heard the echo of a raspy voice kick in, I knew I was in for a treat.

I’d suggest starting off with this music video and then going back to listen to the EP. (Mostly because this official music video, despite being from 2020, reminds me of something that would come out of a mid-2000s high school tv production class assignment but in the most earnest and refreshing way.)

Listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, or Apple Music.

While I’d love to dive into this more, it wasn’t until putting together this folder that I also discovered Holley is also a wonderfully talented sculpture artist. Look up some more of his work.

Him and Her Hold the Root, 1994

Him and Her Hold the Root, 1994