Manila Folders

January 14, 2018

Following the Colosseum Moon

I am having so much difficulty writing about Benjamin Clementine simply because there aren’t many artists of his caliber, there aren’t many artists that have made me feel so deeply, there simply aren’t many artists of his genius. Benjamin is the soul revealed, or at the very least, it’s willingness to escape; to be heard.

So Into You

I’ve always been interested in covers because most times an artist isn’t necessarily trying to outshine or one-up the original artist, but rather pay respect to them. The genuine love Childish Gambino has for Tamia and her song “So Into You” shines through in this cover which makes it feel so special.

On a similar note, I had come across “Crossfire / So Into You” by Nai Palm recently, but at the time of listening to the song I didn’t know who or what was playing. About three quarters of the way through the song it transitions into Nai Palm’s cover of “So Into You.” So here’s another take on Tamia’s classic: