Manila Folders

August 25, 2019

Soul Love Songs

On Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I found ourselves in Prospect Heights, a part of Brooklyn we don’t frequently visit. In our search for a breakfast spot, we came across Shane’s, a small cafe that felt appropriately quiet and slow (less in a “dead” way, and more so in a Southern way). While we had only been seated for a couple of seconds, I think we had each already started jiving to the playlist they were playing.

The music, however, got cut short and the minute of silence which followed brought with it a sense of stillness. I felt antsy without the music, and soon enough, Endless Love began to play in the background and the movement returned. We were only half way through the second song—Whitney Houston singing I Will Always Love You—and I was already wanting to compile a playlist of what we were listening to.

Funny enough, we looked up and noticed the TV hanging above said “Soul Love Songs” with a list of the 20 songs that were playing. There’s nothing particularly novel or new about this playlist, but I think that’s exactly what drew me to it. It felt very much like a Soul Radio station playing a list of greatest hits, or a DVD you could purchase 15 years ago to leave playing on the TV all day (which I was actually convinced this was). So here is that playlist for you to enjoy as well:

Come to find out, the playlist was not a DVD and was actually just a playlist on YouTube (which extends well beyond the 20 songs listed).