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January 7, 2018


I saw this video on twitter the other day and it’s pure gold.


— faggrat (@faggrat) January 4, 2018

Then I remembered how great that song actually is, so I’ve included it below.

Then I remembered that Adio shoes had used it in a skate video, so here that is as well.

I Feel So Small

I literally came across Vagabon and this album (Infinite Worlds) just a few days ago. When I first heard “The Embers” I thought to myself, “There’s something here. I know it.” I’ve gone on to listen to the entire album continuously since then, and as I’m here writing I’m figuring out why that is.

Lætitia has made note that the title references The Crisis of Infinite Worlds which is a book of poetry by Dana Ward.

“I had to think critically while reading Dana Ward, it was exciting to be challenged in that way. While I was writing the album, it was a lot of me thinking critically about how to actualize my ideas, and the challenge of reaching proficiency in new instruments. It sort of mirrored my experience reading Dana Ward’s book. I found myself combing his writing over and over and over until I grabbed something from it.”

As I listen to this album, I find myself doing the same. Combing through the songs, grabbing what I can. The album is packed with emotion and is poetic in its own right, so I found the 5 and a half minute interlude of sorts in the middle of the album particularly interesting. The track is titled “Mal à L’aise” and features Lætitia telling a story she had written in french about discomfort over a dazed-pop instrumental. It was a stylistic break from the rest of the album, but for some reason it made so much sense. Then I read the following quote from Lætitia and it all made sense.

“That track is a collage of sorts. I wanted to break up the instrumentation of the record and use different textures to do so. I also wanted to give a break from the vocal heavy songs — giving the listener a six-minute track they can lose themselves in, forget what record they are listening to, cleanse the palette, flip the record, and be more willing to digest Side B. I sampled a song I loved that my friend Eric Littman made, you can hear a sample of his voice on that track as well.”

You can listen to the full album here: