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February 8, 2021

Song of Sage: Post Panic!

I recently came across Sage Elsesser on Instagram, not through music but through skateboarding. I started following his account, and moved on. But something was bothering me. His name sounded so familiar.

I went back to his Instagram in hopes of finding some familiarity to his name which was when I discovered he also produces music under the name of Navy Blue.

Not even 2 seconds into his album Song of Sage: Post Panic! it hit me. Sage was included in the outro of Frank Ocean’s Blonde. Or more specifically, it was a snippet of his interview in “Hopes and Dreams” from the Boy’s Don’t Cry magazine.

Since putting on the album, I basically haven’t turned it off.

Listen to Song of Sage: Post Panic! on Spotify, Bandcamp or Apple Music.

And since we are getting snow in New York, it only seems appropriate to also share his music video for Moment Hung.

The Sweetest Taboo

Forever a classic.

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