Manila Folders

November 1, 2020

Cf Watkins - Babygirl

Not long after it was released, I also happened to come across Cf Watkins’ new album, Babygirl, through a recommendation from a friend. After listening through the album a few times, which is largely a country-pop album, it came as a surprise to learn that Watkins is a based out of Brooklyn.

As I went on to listen a few more times, it made a lot sense. Also being from the south and now living in Brooklyn, it can be easy to romanticize the stillness and quiet of the south. Despite not really having any desire to head back south, I too found myself belting the lines:

I hate this city / I can’t say exactly what makes it so shitty
but I swear I’m doing my best / to get back south.

Those lines come from “Changeable” which was inspired by letters written between her grandparents during World War II, and captures her grandfather’s frustration with being stationed in New York City for the Navy.

Having gone into the album with no expectations and no knowledge of Cf Watkins, I initially played the album fairly passingly, but was quickly enamored by her songwriting and story-telling.

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((Cool Girl Vibes))

These are some serious cool girl vibes. I don’t even know how I ended up watching this video, but I did and I was absolutely mesmerized. The loops! The flute! The sax! The pitch-changing! So dope.