Manila Folders

January 13, 2019


Last week Matt Yow published a playlist titled NotPop. It’s a weekly playlist featuring 5 artists/songs on Spotify with less than 1,000 avg monthly listeners.” The premise is simple, you can follow the playlist on Spotify and every week Matt will refresh the playlist with 5 new songs (that you’ve likely never heard before).


Speaking of discovering new artists, have you heard of CHIKA, the twenty-one year old rapper from Alabama? I hadn’t until early today when following post from her popped up on my timeline.

fuck what they talking bout, this my year

— Billy the GOAT (@oranicuhh) January 13, 2019

Captivated by this 24 second snippet, I of course went straight to her profile to hear more. From there I found myself graced by this Cardi B remix.

someone hit @iamcardib, tell her i wanna party. ⚡️ money verse 💰

— Billy the GOAT (@oranicuhh) October 26, 2018

If you’re looking for more from Chika—just as I was—you can find her on Soundcloud.