Manila Folders

December 31, 2017

Labi Siffre: The Best Of The Best Of

All I plan on listening to today is Labi Siffre. If I were to have you listen to just one song, I’d have you not only listen to but watch Labi perform “Something Inside So Strong.”

If you need an intro to Labi, here’s a playlist with The Best Of The Best Of Labi Siffre. Why wouldn’t I just link the whole The Best Of album? Because I think these specific songs, in this specific order, is a wonderful introduction to Labi’s music. And of course I had to kick it off with “My Song” which Kanye sampled in “I Wonder.”

If you happened to also fall in love with Labi’s music, worry not for I have also created a big ol’ playlist with most of his music. I’ve ordered it chronologically since his albums don’t appear in chronological nor reverse chronological order on Spotify.