Manila Folders

February 11, 2018

Pauvre chanson (Poor Song)

I stumbled across this album the other day by accident, and while I may not understand any of it (as it’s sung in French), I absolutely fell in love with it. As Jason Birchmeier would put it, “Marie Modiano is a French singer/songwriter with an English-language folk-jazz-pop style.” Folk-jazz-pop? Say no more!

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Summer’s End

This April, at the age of 71, American country folk legend John Prine will be releasing his first album of all new songs in 13 years. The album is titled The Tree of Forgiveness, and if the title alone isn’t enough, his recently released single “Summer’s End” is a good indicator that the album is sure to be heart touching.

Everybody Has Roaches

If you want to laugh for 17 minutes at some Roach-filled R&B improv, look no further.