Manila Folders

April 1, 2018

A Little Less, A Little More

Making playlists does not come natural to me. While I have a ton of playlists on Spotify, most of them serve to collect entire genres. For example, I have a playlist titled “Country Collection,” another titled “Hip Hop & Rap Collection,” and so on. Most often these playlists aren’t just a collection of songs, instead, they contain entire albums. These aren’t what you may consider “normal” playlists.

Of course I follow some other people’s playlists—granted, not very many—and I’ve made playlists of my own in the past, but in recent years I haven’t taken the time to really make a playlist. “A Little Less, A Little More” is the first playlist that has sort of come naturally to me lately. The playlist as a whole doesn’t have a particular sound, although there’s a very particular rhythm and feel to it.

Having moved to New York in July, survived through Winter, and now seeing Spring flirt around the corner, I’ve felt myself open up both emotionally and psychologically. The city is strange in how it can make you feel simultaneously at your highest and your lowest—that’s what this playlist is for me. I ride the subway every morning into Manhattan, and each time there is either something different to the sameness or a particular sameness to all that makes each ride different.